Yakami Yuzu Marmalade

A Japanese spin on classic marmalade, this Japanese jam is made from yuzu, an Asian citrus with a complex flavor falling between lemon, lime and grapefruit with a touch of Meyer Lemon thrown in for good measure. Sweetened with cane sugar and a touch of honey to round out the citrus, the tangy marmalade works as well sweet as it does savory, being an ideal foil to fresh and piquant cheeses, charcuterie, or even blended with lemon juice and extra-virgin olive oil to drizzle over roasted vegetables, pork or chicken.  Try slathering it on toast with a dollop of fresh ricotta and pinch of flaky salt, or pair with almond butter in a sandwich. Or do as Russians: add a spoonful to tea—green, black (especially Earl Grey), mint or chamomile.

  • 300 grams 
  • Ingredients: Yuzu, sugar, & honey

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