Zürsun Idaho Heirloom Beans Black Beluga Lentils $10.95

Zürsun partners with small Idaho farms to produce this rare heirloom bean.

This varietal originated in the Middle East and is named for its resemblance to caviar.

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Try dressing up a bowl of lentils with extra-virgin olive oil or toasted nut/seed oil (pecan, walnut, sesame), a splash of cider or wine vinegar and chopped parsley. Black Beluga Lentils' complexity makes them perfect as a simple side dish, but they can also be a base for more complex salads or grain bowls. Switch up your dressing and herbs, add roasted or sautéed vegetables of your choice, then toss with some chewy steamed barley or rice and top with a fried egg for an easy, filling and delicious meal.

Kitchen Notes

Unlike larger members of the legume family, lentils do not need to be soaked overnight before cooking.

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