Milk Street Kitchin-to™ Knife
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A New Kind of Knife For the New Home Cooking

Stays Razor Sharp

High-quality German 1.4416 blade steel lasts a lifetime with regular honing.


The tall blade and rounded sheepsfoot tip shields fingers.

Lock-in Comfortable Grip

Lock-in polymer handle fills the palm for a secure grip.

Lightweight and Easy Sharpening

Without the thick, heavy bolster of a western-style chef’s knife. the Kitchin-to is lightweight and easy to evenly sharpen.

Handles Big and Small Jobs

The Kitchin-to offers power when you need it but is also great at smaller tasks such as chopping shallot or slicing garlic.

Change The Way You Cook

9 Reasons the Kitchin-to Deserves to Be In Your Rotation

Change The Way You Cook

Clean out Your Collection of (Dull) Knives

The Kitchin-to’s versatile design means it fills the role of cleaver, chef’s knife and utility knife.
Change The Way You Cook

Never Let Wet Hands Slip Around Again

A filed pattern near the handle gives you a secure place to put your fingers with a pinch grip when choking up on the handle for more control.
Change The Way You Cook

Become a More Confident Cook

The tall blade makes this knife safer for prepwork. Your fingers are a long way from the cutting edge unlike with most chef’s knives.
Change The Way You Cook

Even Though It’s a New Shape, It’s Familiar Enough For Seasoned Cooks

A slight curve in the blade’s belly makes it easy to transition to this knife for tasks like rock chopping.
Change The Way You Cook

Get Your Prepwork Done Faster

The thinness of the knife requires less effort to cut through tough items like squash.
Change The Way You Cook

We Redesigned the Handle So Chopping Becomes More Fun

A graduated angle where the handle meets the blade reduces strain on the hands even after chopping enough vegetables for an army.
Change The Way You Cook

It’s Big Enough to Be a Bench Scraper; No Extra Tool Needed

With the broad blade you can transfer chopped foods to the pan—you’ll never need to put the knife down.
Change The Way You Cook

Multi-use Blade Suits Any Cutting Style

The big, broad blade features a gently curved edge suitable any cutting style—slicing, dicing, mincing and more.
Change The Way You Cook

The Kitchin-to Will Last a Lifetime and Never Rust

As long as you keep it clean, the stainless steel will keep a luster for life. Just don’t put it in the dishwasher!




"Better than expected - not heavy, but enough weight to get through touch vegetables; tremendous balance; dimples anterior to handle offer great grip; comfortable handle; perfect amount of rocker in blade. This knife is a must for anyone with large hands, like mine."

John M.



"I bought a Kitchin-to Knife for myself and one for a friend who chops many vegetables for his healthy meals. He and I both love it! I've always reached for my German chef's knife, but now I reach for this one."

Kathryn C.



"Purchased as a gift for my Mother who basically does food prep for a a couple hours each day and she absolutely loves it. She has a dozen high end Japanese knives and this knife is now her daily driver. "

Cole L.



"So, easy to use and I can be so precise! Thank you!"

Debra R.



"This is the only knife I need to prep a meal. From tomatoes to chicken bones. The balance and weight are perfect."

Christina M.

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