Milk Street: Limited Edition Premium Kitchin-to — Cocobolo Wood
Our tried-and-true design with premium materials:

Stays Razor Sharp

Ultra high-quality Japanese AUS8 steel is renowned for durability, corrosion resistance and edge retention lasts a lifetime with regular honing.


The tall blade and rounded sheepsfoot tip shields fingers.

Hammered Surface

The blade’s “Tsuchime” surface treatment prevents foods from clinging to the blade by trapping air.

Premium Cocobolo Ergonomic Grip

An ultra-dense, very durable and gorgeously grained cocobolo handle fills the palm for a secure grip.

Lightweight and Easy Sharpening

Without the thick, heavy bolster of a Western-style chef’s knife. the Kitchin-to is lightweight and easy to evenly sharpen.

Handles Big and Small Jobs

The Kitchin-to offers power when you need it but is also great at smaller tasks such as chopping shallot or slicing garlic.

Change The Way You Cook

7 Reasons the Premium Kitchin-to Deserves to Be In Your Rotation

Change The Way You Cook

Become a More Confident Cook

The tall blade makes this knife safer for prepwork. Your fingers are a long way from the cutting edge unlike with most chef’s knives.
Change The Way You Cook

A Uniquely Ergonomic Handle Makes Chopping Fun (Not a Chore)

A graduated angle where the handle meets the blade reduces strain on the hands even after chopping enough vegetables for an army.
Change The Way You Cook

Get Your Prepwork Done Faster and Easier

The thinness of the knife requires less effort to cut through tough items like potatoes, carrots and butternut squash.
Change The Way You Cook

Premium Materials for Heirloom Quality

Top-quality high-quality blade steel and dense cocobolo handle means you’ll be passing this knife on to your children.
Change The Way You Cook

One Knife For Any use; No Extra Tool Needed

The Kitchin-to’s versatile design means it fills the role of cleaver, chef’s knife and utility knife. And with the broad blade you can transfer chopped foods to the pan—you’ll never need to put the knife down.
Change The Way You Cook

Even Though It’s a New Shape, It’s Familiar Enough For Seasoned Cooks

A slight curve in the blade’s belly makes it easy to transition to this knife for tasks like rock chopping.

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