Milk Street: Limited Edition Premium Nakiri — Cocobolo Wood
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So Sharp and Lightweight It’ll Make Cooking Fun Again

Premium Japanese AUS8 Blade Steel

AUS8 is a stainless steel with an ultra-high carbon content, which means means it holds an edge well, yet is easy to sharpen when the time (eventually) comes.

Durable Cocobolo Wood

Cocobolo is an exceptionally dense, durable and lustrous wood traditionally used for high-end knife handles and gunstocks.

Big Lock-In Handle

Milk Street’s exclusive lock-in handle fills the hand for a secure, confident grip.

Constant-Height Blade Design

A nakiri’s rectangular shape looks simple, but its finely tuned for precise veg prep.

Engineered Blade Edge

The subtly curved blade edge rock chops as well as it slices.

The Perfect Vegetable Knife

It’s light, thin and sharp, with a design that resembles a mini cleaver.

The Perfect Vegetable Knife

Ultra-thin Blade for Easy, Precise Cuts

At just 1.5 millimeters at the top and tapering even thinner toward the cutting edge, this ultra-thin knife cuts through vegetables like butter. The less metal on the blade, the less work it is to push through vegetables.
The Perfect Vegetable Knife

Makes Vegetable Prep Easier Every Time

The ultra-thin blade slides through even the toughest vegetables like squash or carrots without cracking them.
The Perfect Vegetable Knife

Blade and Bench Scraper All in One

Scrape up chopped foods on the wide blade to add to your bowl or skillet.
The Perfect Vegetable Knife

Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

At under 6 ounces, the Milk Street Nakiri is a pleasure to use and easier to control than many chef’s knives, which weigh in at over 10 ounces.
The Perfect Vegetable Knife

Curved Blade Butt Good for Precision Work

The curve in the butt of the blade leaves room for your fingers when choking up on the grip for precision work.
The Perfect Vegetable Knife

We Added a Slight Curve for More Familiar Chopping

Traditionally, nakiri blades are perfectly flat to make full contact with the board, but ours includes a slight curve toward the tip for easy rock chopping.
The Perfect Vegetable Knife

Squared-Off Tip is Safer Than a Chef’s Knife

The pointy tip of a chef’s knife is more of a hazard than anything, but our squared tip adds an element of safety.
The Perfect Vegetable Knife

Slices Will Fall Right Off the Blade—No More Sticking!

A Japanese-style hammer-struck “tsuchime” blade treatment minimizes clinging when cutting sticky foods by trapping air. The blade’s hammered surface provides traction for a confident grip when choking up close on the blade during detail work.
The Perfect Vegetable Knife

Lock-In Handle Design is Comfortable for All Sizes of Hands

All Milk Street knives have handles that are thicker on top than at the bottom, which provides a “lock-in” grip.

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