Milk Street Nakiri

Milk Street Nakiri Knife

6 Reasons The Milk Street Nakiri is Changing How America Cooks!

In Japan, the Nakiri is the go-to knife for safe, fast vegetable prep. Try the Nakiri and become the best cook you know!

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Cut Vegetables Not Yourself!

1.Cut Vegetables Not Yourself!

We all know that moment when your large chef’s knife nicks or slices a finger. This happens because most chef’s knives are clumsy tools, originally designed as daggers, not kitchen knives. The blades are too heavy, too long, and not well balanced with the handle. This means that you feel out of control when you cook which leads to accidents.

The Nakiri, by contrast, is light (6.5 ounces, not 10 or 12 ounces), has a safe, rounded sheepnose tip, and the handle is perfectly balanced with the blade. You will instantly feel comfortable with the Nakiri and totally in control. And that means safer vegetable prep too.

Faster Prep, Faster Cooking

2.Faster Prep, Faster Cooking

Did you know that 90% if cooking is prep and most of that prep time is cutting, slicing, and dicing vegetables? The Nakiri vegetable knife is specifically designed to slice through vegetables quickly, safely and cleanly. How is this possible? The blade is super-thin, measuring just 1.5mm at the top of the blade and then tapering to a razor-sharp cutting edge. You will reduce your prep time buy at least 50% with the Nakiri which will immediately change the way you cook.

Great Knife for Beginners as Well as Professional Chefs

3.Great Knife for Beginners as Well as Professional Chefs

Most chef’s knives are too much knife for most home cooks – big, unwieldy, and poorly balanced. But the Nakiri is a lighter, smaller knife that even a novice cook can pick up and use comfortable. Once you pick up a Nakiri, you will say, “Now I can really cook!” You will never go back to the old-style chef’s knife again. And in the hands of a professional chef, the Nakiri is a speed demon, handling any task quickly and easily.

The Right Tool for The Job!

4.The Right Tool for The Job!

A good carpenter doesn’t use a regular screwdriver when working with a Philips head screw! And a good cook doesn’t use a paring knife to cut bread or a huge chef’s knife to chop an onion. Japanese knife-makers figured this out a long time ago – they designed a knife for every job in the kitchen from slicing fish to prepping vegetables. So, the next time you need to prep vegetables, use the knife that is designed to do the job quickly, safely and easily. Use the Nakiri!

Be The Best Cook You Know!

5.Be The Best Cook You Know!

When friends or family watch you prep vegetables, they will be amazed at your speed and dexterity. They will feel as if they just stepped into a restaurant kitchen. And using the Nakiri will give you confidence as a cook which in turn will immediately up your game, making you the best cook you know. The secret to confidence in the kitchen is the Nakiri.

The Lock-In Handle is Pure Pleasure!

6.The Lock-In Handle is Pure Pleasure!

Most knife handles were leftovers from early dagger designs – you don’t have total control over the blade since the handle does not fit the hand. Our Nakiri handle is designed for the human hand with a lock-in grip. First, the top of the handle is wider than the bottom which immediately feels comfortable. (You will wonder why other knives don’t have this feature.) Then the handle Is beveled towards the blade which allows your thumb and forefinger to get a tight, secure grip. You will feel like you have total control over the blade from the heel to the tip which means safer and faster prep.

Milk Street Nakiri
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