PalmPress One Cup Coffee Press

There are all sorts of ways to brew coffee. As with much of life, the simplest method is usually the best. We love pour over and French press coffee for the clear, bold-flavor and relative ease. However, neither method is terribly portable—it’s a lot of gear to tote. We recently came across the Palmpress, an ingenius new device that is essentially a collapsible French press. The durable plastic device looks like an over-sized hockey puck, but unscrew the lid and it pops open to reveal a silicon funnel. Add coarse-ground coffee to the marked line, pour in just shy of boiling water, give a stir, and wait 4 to 6 minutes before inverting the press over a mug and pressing to extract. The flavor is bright and strong--just the way we like it.

Perhaps best of all, clean up is a breeze: just scrape out the grounds and then give it all a rinse. There are no filters or pods to dispose. Our food editor, a coffee fiend, always packs one for travel and the kitchen staff prepare their morning brew in it. Note: it produces 1 cup of coffee at a go.  Try it with our Milk Street 177 Blend.

  • Dimensions: 2.25" x 4.25" diameter
  • BPA- and phthalate-free manufacture

Kitchen Notes: The coffee had a medium body, it was well extracted and had good flavor. We used a medium coarse grind. Be sure to watch the timing to avoid over-extraction.