Milk Street Flex Spatula
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We created the best slotted turner:

Springy Steel

The stainless steel paddle flexes easily to slide beneath foods.

Easily Get Under Food

The sharpened leading edge easily scrapes up and loosens foods clinging to the skillet, baking sheet or grill.

Open Slats

Broad slats let liquids or oil to drip away.

Form-Fitting Grip

A durable riveted polymer handle (same material as our knife line) is comfortable in the hand.

Flat-Bottomed Handle

So it won’t slide when rested on the lip of a pan or serving bowl.

More than just a fish spatula

More than just a fish spatula

Stands Up to Heavy Use on All Kinds of Cooking Surfaces

The durable stainless steel won’t melt like plastic spatulas or bend like inferior metal spatulas when cooking on cast iron, carbon steel and even the grill outdoors.
More than just a fish spatula

Flexible Stainless Steel Paddle Is Still Sturdy Enough to Hold Heavy Foods

The thin, flexible steel construction gets under food, but it’s strong enough to support the thickest burger.
More than just a fish spatula

A Sharp Leading Edge Makes an Easier Release

The chiseled edge gets beneath the thinnest filet, frying eggs or stuck-fast foods.
More than just a fish spatula

It Doubles as a Slotted Spoon for Straining Ingredients

The broad, open-slatted shape lets liquids like sauce or oil drip away from your cooked food.
More than just a fish spatula

Engineered Handle Design Puts Comfort First

The engineered handle design fits comfortably in the hand during use (and lays flat on the countertop when not being used).
More than just a fish spatula

Use It While Sautéing, Baking and Everything Else

The unique paddle design and flexibility means the spatula works for any task that you can put it to.
More than just a fish spatula

Try it For Stirring Pasta! Trust Us.

The slats let the water flow through while you’re separating the noodles, so it’s effective without sloshing the water around too much.


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