Milk Street Nakiri
So Sharp and Lightweight It’ll Make Cooking Fun Again

Stays Sharp

German 1.4116 steel is an industry standard for sharpness, edge retention, durability and stainless properties.

Perfect Length

The 6¾-inch blade allows for better control—short enough for detail work and long enough for clean slicing.

Razor Thin

The 1.6 millimeter spine is even thinner than our first nakiri design—but no less sturdy—for cleaner, easier knifework.

Safer Blade Design

At 2 inches tall, the broad blade shields your fingers when you chop.

Nonstick Slicing

The blade is embossed with a file pattern that replicates the textured finish of traditional Japanese knives.

Lock-In Handle

Milk Street’s signature ergonomic polymer handle is designed to feel comfortable and secure regardless of hand size.


At just under 6 ounces, it’s almost half the weight of the average chef’s knife, making prep a pleasure, not a chore.

The Perfect Vegetable Knife

It’s light, thin and sharp, with a design that resembles a mini cleaver.

The Perfect Vegetable Knife

Makes Vegetable Prep Easier Every Time

The ultra-thin blade slides through even the toughest vegetables like squash or carrots without cracking them.
The Perfect Vegetable Knife

Blade and Bench Scraper All in One

Scrape up chopped foods on the wide blade to add to your bowl or skillet.
The Perfect Vegetable Knife

Curved Blade Butt Good for Precision Work

The curve in butt of the blade leaves room for fingers when choking up on the grip for precision work.
The Perfect Vegetable Knife

We Added a Slight Curve for More Familiar Chopping

Traditionally, nakiri blades are perfectly flat to make full contact with the board, but ours includes a slight curve toward the tip for easy rock chopping.
The Perfect Vegetable Knife

Squared-Off Tip is Safer Than a Chef’s Knife

The pointy tip of a chef’s knife is more of a hazard than anything, but our squared tip adds an element of safety.
The Perfect Vegetable Knife

Lock-In Handle Design is Comfortable for All Sizes of Hands

All Milk Street knives have handles that are thicker on top than at the bottom, which provides a “lock-in” grip.

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