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Milk Street Nakiri

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Milk Street Nakiri

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What if we told you there is a Japanese knife specifically designed for vegetable prep that will make your cooking safer, easier and faster? It is vastly better than the all-purpose European chef’s knife, which is clunky, heavy and too thick to precisely slice and dice onions, cut carrots into perfect coins or reduce chard into feathery ribbons. The solution is the Milk Street Nakiri. It’s light, thin and sharp, with a design that resembles a mini cleaver—2 inches deep with a squared-off tip. A very thin blade, just 1.6 millimeters at the top, tapers down even thinner toward the end so it slices through even tough ingredients effortlessly without bending. The broad blade shields your fingers when you chop and works as a bench scraper to transfer chopped veggies to the simmering pot. With the help of veteran industrial designer David Lewin, we added a few special touches. The blade is embossed with a nonstick file pattern that replicates the kourochi (blacksmith) or tshuchime (pear skin) finish to traditional nakiris, so sliced ingredients fall right off. A gentle curve accommodates fingers when choking up tight for control, and the handle has been designed to provide a nonslip grip.


Net Weight: 6 ounces
Dimensions: 6.75 inch blade
-Blade: 1.4116 German Steel
-Handle: Black Polymer


The knife must be washed by hand and dried after each use immediately to ensure no staining occurs. To maintain the blades edge, sharpen the Nakiri at a 17 degree angle.

Milk Street Nakiri

Regular price $99.95
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So Sharp and Lightweight It’ll Make Cooking Fun Again

  1. Stays Sharp

    German 1.4116 steel is an industry standard for sharpness, edge retention, durability and stainless properties.
  2. Perfect Length

    The 6¾-inch blade allows for better control—short enough for detail work and long enough for clean slicing.
  3. Razor Thin

    The 1.6 millimeter spine is even thinner than our first nakiri design—but no less sturdy—for cleaner, easier knifework.
  4. Safer Blade Design

    At 2 inches tall, the broad blade shields your fingers when you chop.
  5. Nonstick Slicing

    The blade is embossed with a file pattern that replicates the textured finish of traditional Japanese knives.
  6. Lock-In Handle

    Milk Street’s signature ergonomic polymer handle is designed to feel comfortable and secure regardless of hand size.
  7. Featherlight

    At just under 6 ounces, it’s almost half the weight of the average chef’s knife, making prep a pleasure, not a chore.

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