Soom Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Sweet Tahini Spread $10.95

Most tahini has a dense, spackle-heavy layer and an inch of oil that are impossible to blend smooth because the product is not fresh.

“We found that because tahini has a long shelf life, the grocery store stuff is sitting on shelves for a while,” explains Soom Foods co-founder and CEO Amy Zitelman, who runs the company along with her sisters Shelby Zitelman and Jackie Zitelman. “We try to press our tahini every 6 to 8 weeks, so it's very fresh, and Jackie tastes every batch of tahini for quality assurance.” And to ensure a creamy consistency, the company sources only White Humera sesame seeds from northwestern Ethiopia that have an ideal oil-to-protein ratio for blending into tahini.

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Slather it on toast or pound cake and drizzle over oatmeal or fruit. Or swirl into tangy rice pudding lightened with creme fraiche. Mix it into rich Greek yogurt to serve with fruit. You can even use it as a unique cake frosting or baked into cookies. It’s also a fun addition to a cheese board alongside juicy strawberries or apples for dipping.

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