Work Sharp Benchtop Whetstone Knife Sharpener $42.00 $37.80

For a more personalized knife sharpening experience, there’s nothing like a whetstone.

You can tailor your angle to suit every knife in your arsenal, giving you more control over the process. We find the experience almost meditative. ​

Not sure how you’d use it?

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Start by soaking the stone (you can use its base to do this to catch the water as it runs off the stone). You can also leave a bit of water in the base to use for re-moistening the surface of the stone as needed, rather than dribbling between a separate bowl. Place the stone on a sturdy surface (professional chefs often just use a folded towel), then draw your knife at the proper angle across the stone to file the blade to a sharp point.

Kitchen Notes

Dry fully before storing away. Works for any style knife and even bladed tools like kitchen shears.

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