Victoria Cast Iron 8-Inch Tortilla Press $49.95

Victoria had been crafting cast iron cookware in Medellín, Colombia since 1839 and is now in its third generation of being a family-owned business.

​Raúl Mejía began working with metal at just 16 years old, crafting toy soldiers and decorative crosses before he learned the art of casting. Inspired by his love of cooking, he fashioned a grain grinder and soon decided to transition his work to all cast iron kitchenwares—passing his craft down to his children and grandchildren. The company has been making this tortilladora since 1986.

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Ideal for tortillas, of course, but also flatbreads, smash burgers or tostones. To use the press, cover each side of the tortilla dough with parchment, plastic or wax paper to prevent sticking, place into the press and then close the press and gently use the lever to squeeze the plates together. The lever does the work for you, so there’s no need to strain.

Kitchen Notes

If the press does need to be cleaned, use a damp cloth and very diluted soapy water. Wipe dry immediately. If you do use soap, apply a very light coat of oil or cast iron wax to refresh/maintain the seasoning and protect against ambient moisture.

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