Milk Street Shallot Confit
Low-Cooked, Sweet-Sharp Shallots

Bold Flavor Fast

The lightly spiced, cooked-down flavor adds depth to countless dishes.

Creamy Texture

A combination of creamy ghee and extra-virgin olive oil adds texture in addition to flavor.

Evenly Cooked

Our slow-and-steady cooking method means sweet and mellow, never bitter, flavor.

Time-Saving Game Changer

The slow-cooked flavor shaves valuable time off your dinner prep.

All Natural

Free of any chemical preservatives to muddy the flavor.

More Flavor, Less Labor

More Flavor, Less Labor

No More Annoying, Tricky Mincing of Slippery Shallots

Shallots are slippery and difficult to mince, so we do it for you.
More Flavor, Less Labor

Faster Weeknight Meals

Creamy and subtly spiced, cooked-down shallots jumpstart soups, sauces, braises and more.
More Flavor, Less Labor

Never Run Out of Shallots Ever Again with Forever-Fresh Shallot Confit

It’s easy to leave shallots off the shopping list, or they dry out. Not with Milk Street Shallot Confit in the fridge.
More Flavor, Less Labor

More Creative Meals, Less Commitment

Be more creative without the risk of wasted effort.
More Flavor, Less Labor

A Dollop Will Do

Each tablespoon of concentrated shallot confit is equal to a large sautéed shallot.

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