Colonel Pabst All-Malt Amber Lager Worcestershire Sauce $14.95

Family-run Colonel Pabst produces a Worcestershire sauce unlike any other.

The company is named after the current owners’ great grandfather, who was a master brewer, Prohibition fighter, farmer and conservationist. He handed down his passion for brewing to his children and so on and now that translates to Worcestershire sauce, not just beer.

Not sure how you’d use it?

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You can use this wherever you’d use your favorite Worcestershire, especially in places where you’d like a sweeter profile. A splash added to a marinade, robust caesar dressing or even a bloody Mary goes a long way. The sweet malty notes pairs wonderfully with briny oysters (use atop grilled ones or into the cocktail sauce for raw bivalves). It offers a boost to rich fried foods, savory grilled veggies and earthy mushrooms. And of course, it really highlights the flavor of beef—add a tablespoon to burgers or meatloaf. Or use in place of the chimichurri in our Oven-Perfect Strip Steak with Chimichurri.

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