Pure Indian Foods Alphonso Mango Puree $14.95

The “king of the mangoes,” Alphonsos are named after Alphonso de Albuquerque, a Portuguese nobleman who founded a colony in India.

Honey-sweet and creamy, the rare Alphonso mango is so beloved in India they have entire festivals dedicated to the fruit during its short eating season. The Portuguese people were responsible for the cultivation of unique mango varietals like this one, which were eventually introduced all across Southern India once their popularity grew. Alphonso mangoes can only grow in India’s specific climate and soil quality, so it’s an especially rare find—even in puree form.

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Ideal for pouring over ice cream or swirling into yogurt, or even brushing onto a cake like our Lime-Glazed Sweet Potato and Coconut Cake mixed into a glaze or in lieu of icing. Incorporate into pie fillings and smoothies, or go the savory route and use it to sweeten up a homemade barbecue sauce or a tropical salad dressing.

Kitchen Notes

Refrigerate after opening.

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