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Work Sharp Culinary E5 Sharpening Systems

5.0 star rating 2 Reviews

If you’ve invested in good-quality knives and want to keep them in tip-top shape, we can’t recommend Oregon company Work Sharp’s E5 Sharpening System highly enough. Our No. 1 choice for sharpening knives at home, it features a unique timer-driven belt system that works exactly like a professional sharpener’s grinder, putting a fine razor edge on blades without removing too much metal (the problem with other electric grinders). And with three timed settings, you won’t need to worry about under-sharpening or over-sharpening. 

The E5’s grind angle is fixed at an ideal 17 degrees, which falls between acute Japanese blades and thicker western-style blade angles. If you want more specific options when sharpening, we recommend picking up the upgrade kit, which includes guides and extra abrasive belts for further fine-tuning the grind.

*The E5 is available on its own or bundled together with Work Sharp’s M3 Knife Sharpener, which is a classic honing rod made simpler to use.*

  • Dimensions: 7.2 x 4.5 x 5.2 inches
  • Net Weight: 2.5 pounds







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