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Mymouné Apricot Preserves $12.95

Straight out of the town of Ain el Kabou, Lebanon, at the foot of Mount Sannine, family-run company Mymouné has been producing its award-winning artisanal fruit preserves and specialties for 30 years.

Started by two sisters during the Lebanese Civil War as an effort to support their home village, the company makes all of its products completely by hand using traditional methods, from cooking fresh local fruit in small batches to hand-filling jars of preserves. You'll never get any artificial colors or preservatives from Mymouné—just the pure, vibrant flavors of the Middle East.

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Stir it into yogurt, or pair it with a drizzle of earthy tahini on a bowl of oatmeal. It even makes an excellent PB&J, especially on a nutty whole-grain bread. For desserts, Mymouné Apricot Jam is great as a cookie filling or, when warmed up and combined with an optional touch of bourbon, as a glaze for a pound cake. The fruity intensity of these preserves works with savory foods, too: Try blending it with equal parts extra-virgin olive oil and lemon juice and a pinch of cayenne pepper to toss with roasted carrots, sweet potatoes or butternut squash.

Kitchen Notes

If you would like a smooth texture, such as for a traditional glaze on a berry tart, gently heat the jam on the stove to loosen, then strain through a fine mesh strainer

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