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Irish Black Butter

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A conserve of apples, cider, brandy, and spices, Irish Black Butter has a uniquely deep, caramelized apple flavor with subtle spice notes and an almost earthy, smoky finish. It’s made by cooking down Ireland’s famous Armagh Bramley apples until they developed a rich molasses-like quality and warm complexity; the apples themselves have a Protected Geographic Indication recognized by the European Union. Irish Black Butter has an excellent smooth, spreadable texture that is a bit thicker than store-bought apple butters; it isn’t silky or gelatinous on the tongue but rather has a very fine granularity like any good homemade apple butter. We absolutely love this award-winning paste for its depth of flavor—it’s the best apple butter you’ll ever have.
  • Net Weight: 225 grams
  • Ingredients: Armagh Bramley apples, brown sugar, treacle, Armagh apple cider (contains sulfites), brandy (brandy, sugar, salt, spice), spices, natural licorice flavoring
  • Place of Origin: Ireland

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