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Vain Vanilla Original Baker's Blend Pure Vanilla Extract

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This small-batch vanilla extract from Kansas-based Vain Vanilla is prepared completely by hand using only the best ingredients. The Original Baker's Blend is made with top-shelf rum that emphasizes vanilla's sweet characteristics and adds its own cane-sugar dimension. (Commercial vanilla, in contrast, is made with cheap alcohol that is essentially moonshine.) The pods themselves are a mix of two varietals: creamy, smooth and strong Planifolia (which some know as Madagascar Bourbon vanilla) and fruity-floral Tahitensis, or Tahitian vanilla. Together, these vanilla pods produce a perfectly balanced extract that is full-flavored yet delicate, with warm and subtly marshmallowy notes.

We especially love that Vain Vanilla leaves its vanilla pods in the bottle, which has two benefits. First, over time the extract will continue to deepen in color and become more complex as the pods release more flavor compounds; you may, for instance, begin to detect the chocolate, anise or chocolate notes associated with Tahitian vanilla. Second, when you're done with the vanilla extract, you can still slice open the pods and use the beans themselves in your desserts.

Use Vain Vanilla Original Baker's Blend as the key flavoring for our Dutch Butter Cake (Boterkoek) or in the custard layer of our Brown Sugar Tart. Rum has a similar warmth and depth as brown sugar, so the aroma of this vanilla extract perfectly accents desserts made with the sweetener—our Danish Dream Cake is another example. We also like the buttery, full quality of Vain Vanilla's product with nutty almonds. Or make our Chocolate-Orange Tart, which features vanilla in both the filling and tart shell.

  • Net Weight: 8 oz.
  • Ingredients: Vanilla bean and rum 

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