Rustichella D’Abruzzo Sour Cherry Panettone $49.95

An Italian treat with a rich history.

The roots of panettone go back to the Roman empire when honey was added to leavened cakes, but it popped up formally as Panettone in Milan. As the story goes, the Duke of Milan was having a feast in the 15th century and the cook accidentally burned the dessert. In a panic, the cook took the kitchen boy’s suggestion to serve the Duke the sweet leavened cake he had made for himself. The Duke loved it and the cook called it “L’è ‘l pan de Toni” after Toni, the kitchen boy. Now we know it as Panettone!

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Eat from the container or slightly warmed with custard, creme anglaise or just a sprinkling of powdered sugar. Toast leftovers and serve with butter and/or jam. Use to make french toast or use as a base for an over the top, rich, indulgent bread pudding.

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