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Burlap & Barrel New Harvest Turmeric

Burlap and Barrel sources this high-quality turmeric from southern India, partnering with two organic farms that specialize in sustainable agriculture. The turmeric is irrigated using a special water conservation method, which concentrates its earthy flavor, and grows alongside sugarcane so it has sweet, fruity notes and a floral aroma. We love that Burlap and Barrel's New Harvest Turmeric doesn't have the flat metallic bitterness typical of other brands; rather, its bitter notes add woodsy depth to this complex spice.

In cooking, this turmeric does so much more than add a yellow tint to curries. Use it in recipes that will showcase its flavor, such as our Cilantro-Tomato Omelet with Turmeric Butter; the turmeric-infused butter is also delicious on roasted vegetables or folded into rice.

Or try something we found on a trip to India: turmeric honey. Add 1 teaspoon turmeric powder to ½ cup honey and whisk well to blend. Drizzle over cheeses, roasted vegetables, grilled chicken or pork, as well as sweet foods like melon and ice cream.
  • Net Weight: 54 grams
  • Ingredients: Turmeric
  • Allergens: Naturally free of preservatives, fillers, anything artificial, gluten, soy, egg, dairy, and nuts.
  • Origin: Karnataka, India