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The neat thing about whipping egg whites in a copper bowl is that as the whisk hits the bowl, tiny bits of copper break off from the surface of the bowl and mix in with your egg whites.

Since copper can bind sulfur groups, those tiny bits of copper bind to the egg white proteins and therefore, those sulfur groups are unable to form the strong disulfide bonds that can lead to gritty, dry whipped egg whites. Therefore, egg whites whipped in a copper bowl stay glossy and firm without as much risk of becoming overwhipped or grainy.

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Use for whipping egg whites for meringues and airy angel food cakes. The bowl is also ideal for the top of a double boiler, simply nest the bowl over a pot with simmering water for temperature-controlled melting of chocolate, egg yolks and other slow-heated ingredients.

Kitchen Notes

The natural oxidation of the metal should be polished off the interior of the bowl when it appears with white vinegar. Never put the bowl in dishwasher and never use abrasive cleaners or abrasive sponges or steel wool as to not scratch the copper. One washed, dry immediately and do not let soak—water left for too long will cause tarnishing.

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