Jia Kkini Bowl & Chopsticks - Set of 2

Inspired by Korean stone dolsot bowls, which are the stoneware bowls traditionally used for bibimbap, these warmly colored, matte-grey porcelain bowls are just the right size for a bowl of rice, miso soup or late-night ice cream. The snugly fitting wood cover will keep contain heat, or prevent sloshing during transport. The finely finished accompanying chopsticks are gorgeous and well-crafted. Two bowls and 2 pairs of chopsticks per set.

  • Dimensions: 11 X 8.8 cm (350ml)
  • Set of 2

Hand wash with sponge and mild detergent is recommended. Dishwasher safe. Microwave safe.

*Natural materials
1.Do not heat or refrigerate the bamboo lid.
2.Clean the bamboo lid with mild detergent and sponge and air dry.
3.Do not scrub the surface with excessive force.

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