Liber & Co Toasted Coconut Syrup $17.95

Hand-harvested coconuts.

Liber and Co. source their coconuts from Luzon Island in the Philippines, where generational farmers still use traditional methods—a long hooked stick—to harvest ripe coconuts from trees. Liber and Co. only use certified organic, fair trade Laguna Tall coconuts for their toasty, warm syrup.

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Add to cocktails to make any drink (particularly piña coladas) rich with coconut flavor. Stir into an ice cream base or apply directly to cakes or baked goods as a glaze. The syrup pairs perfectly with barrel-aged spirits—use 3/4 ounces for a cocktail with 2 ounces of liquor.

Kitchen Notes

While the syrup has a fairly creamy texture, storing it in the fridge may cause small pieces of coconut or bits of coconut fat to solidify—heating it slightly before use restores its texture.

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