London Sip Stovetop Espresso Maker $69.95 $45.95

“I’m a creature of habit and always rely on my pour-over to make my daily coffees.

However after testing the London Sip I realized how much simpler I found using a Moka pot. There were so many highlights that I realized right away, such as: no filters!”
—Haley Laube, eCommerce Culinary Coordinator

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Start by grinding your coffee beans. We recommend a grind coarser than espresso but finer than regular coffee. Once ready, add hot water to the pot chamber and fill to the marked line. Add grinds to the filter basket, taking care to fill all the way but not tamp down (as this creates unwanted channels when brewing). Add the pot to stove on medium-low heat and let brew. After two to three minutes open the small lid to check the flowing coffee color. If it has changed from brown to light brown/yellow, it is ready. If the pot makes a spitting/whistling sound, remove from the heat immediately.

Kitchen Notes

Compatible with gas, ceramic, induction and electric stovetops. For best results, we recommend “seasoning” your pot by brewing a few cups of coffee to flush out any metallic flavor.

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