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Marchesi di San Giuliano Orange Slices in Syrup

We can't get enough of the warm, vibrant flavor of these orange slices in syrup, which our food editor, Matt Card, liken to deconstructed marmalade. To make them, organic blood oranges are hand-picked from the producer's own orchards, sliced finely with the rind still on, then briefly blanched to remove some of their bitterness and carefully layered in jars. The orange slices are covered with a reduction of orange juice, sugar and a touch of brandy—no pectin or artificial sweeteners—which contributes a vanilla-like roundness as well as sugary depth and richness. In addition to their rich flavor, we love the amazing texture of these orange slices, with a wonderful contrast between the silky pulp and surprisingly tender rind, which can be cut through with a fork.

Chop up Marchesi di San Giuliano's Orange Slices in Syrup and fold into creamy desserts for a bright citrus accent; we especially like them in softened vanilla ice cream with crumbled amaretti or biscotti on top. Mix into rice pudding with cardamom or waffle or pancake batter with cinnamon and cloves—the oranges' deep flavor also pairs well with these warming spices. You can also blend the orange slices into daiquiris, or finely mince them to serve with chocolate pound cake. And don't forget to use the syrup, which is wonderful for drizzling over cakes or mixed into cocktails or simple seltzer water.
  • Net Weight: 460 grams
  • Ingredients: Organic blood oranges, organic cane sugar, organic brandy
  • Place of Origin: Sicily, Italy