Milk Street Digital Class: North Chinese Moo Shu with Kristina Cho $14.95

Kristina Cho is a cookbook author, recipe developer, food stylist and photographer!

She is from the great city of Cleveland and is the most enthusiastic spokesperson for the state of Ohio you'll ever meet. Kristina grew up in her family's Chinese restaurant, where big family dinners were the norm and she was spoiled with the best egg rolls and char siu being a quick "Hey, Goong Goong!" away. She studied Architecture at the University of Cincinnati, where she realized that cooking and baking in between building models and staying up all night was her happy place. Kristina now lives in the Bay Area and dedicates her days to cooking, writing, photo taking and doing endless dishes. Eat Cho Food is her sunny corner of the internet for sharing stories, reflections and seriously delicious recipes. Her groundbreaking debut cookbook, "Mooncakes and Milk Bread," won her two James Beard awards and was described as an instant classic by The New York Times.

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