Mutti Tomato Vinegar $12.95

For more than 100 years, Italian households have favored Mutti for shelf-stable tomato goods that are rich with flavor.

Founded in 1899 by the innovative Mutti farming family, Parma-based company Mutti is famous for choosing the best raw tomatoes to make its products, including Triple-Concentrated Tomato Paste with a sun-dried flavor and Tomato Vinegar that's as smooth and rich as balsamic. The producer pays local farms in Italy's Emilia-Romagna region above-market prices for only the best tomatoes, which are picked at peak ripeness and processed within hours. In fact, Mutti is such a trusted authority in the tomato business that it is recognized nationally for its Pomodorino D'Oro award, which the company gives out each year to its top three farmers

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Try using Mutti Tomato Vinegar in place of balsamic for extra savoriness without losing the tang or subtle sweetness of balsamic. It works well to enhance the tomato flavors in most dishes, and effortlessly adds delicious sun-dried tomato flavor to salads or pasta. We also like it as part of a simple appetizer, drizzled over fresh burrata or whipped feta with grassy extra virign olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt and black pepper.

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