Super Sarap Sauce $15.95

A simple foundation, with roots in the Filipino staple sauce sawasan.

Known as a customizable dipping sauce found all over the islands, sawasan usually starts with soy sauce and vinegar. Sarap sauce expands on that base, leaning into a typical facet of Filipino cooking that balances savory and acidic flavors.

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Mix into sauces, dressings, use as a marinade, coat noodles, like our Yakiudon with Pickled Ginger, tacos like our Mojo Pork Tacos, eggs or french fries. Or drizzle it over our Filipino Chicken Adobo with Coconut Broth or our Garlicky Cauliflower Rice with Mustard Greens and Scallions.

Kitchen Notes

Refrigerate after opening.

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