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Villa Real Hot Chocolate with Almond

A small producer in Oaxaca's historic village of Zaachila, La Villa Real emphasizes authentic, high-quality local ingredients and stays true to tradition for its authentic Mexican hot chocolate. The company uses only a few raw ingredients, yet the beverage has a wonderful depth and warmth, as well as a complex flavor: creamy, nutty and perfectly balanced between bitter and sweet. The addition of ground almonds makes for a silkier, buttery mouthfeel, especially if you whisk the milk constantly while heating it; this allows the nutty aroma of the almonds to permeate the drink for a richer sensation and fullness of flavor. And cinnamon, a defining feature of Mexican hot chocolate, is an ideal complement for cacao's bitter undertones, as its spicy aroma brightens hot chocolate while its floral accents match those in the drink. We also like how the warming spice cuts through the creamy milk so the drink is satisfying but not overly rich. We found this chocolate to a fragrant finish that is slightly reminiscent of coconut.
  • Net Weight: 250 grams
  • Includes: 5 discs
  • Ingredients: Cocoa butter, almonds, walnuts, cinnamon, sugar
  • Place of Origin: Oaxaca, Mexico