Thoughtfully designed with elements from our favorite knives from around the globe, Milk Street’s premium knife collection will replace your European-style chef’s knives.

This knife's overall design borrows elements from our two favorite knives: the Japanese vegetable knife (nakiri) and the Chinese cleaver. The 7-inch-long blade is nearly as tall as a cleaver but much thinner than most Western-style knives—it'll mince, chop and slice with ease, and it's broad enough to scoop up and transfer chopped foods from the cutting board.
This utility-size companion to our Kitchin-to, the Kitchin-tan strikes the perfect balance between a paring and chef’s knife, it will be your new go-to. Made from German 1.4116 Steel, it'll hold an edge for ages without any maintenance, plus its blunt tip keeps fingers safe,
Adding a maintenance-free serrated edge to the proven shape and functionality of the Kitchin-tan, this knife’s grippy teeth slice though anything: fibrous asparagus stalks, thick-skinned squash, rubbery citrus peels or a gooey wedge of Brie. And those razor-sharp teeth also work for detail work, like slicing chicken breasts, butterflying shrimp or chopping soft fruit.
The Milk Street Tri-Edge Bread Knife is engineered to cut through all types of bread and baked goods with ease. The uniquely cut blade features 3 treatments: broad, grippy teeth at the front to gain purchase on tough crusts, finer teeth for cutting through the tender or chewy interior crumb and a short, plain razor-sharp section at the butt to cleanly finish the cut without tearing or ripping.
Our exclusive Milk Street-designed santoku (which translates as “3 virtues”) features a 7-inch blade that is tall at the heel and retains a nearly continuous height to the tip, offering plenty of blade steel to protect your fingers when chopping. The blade curves for easy rock chopping and mincing, while the pointed tip makes it all-purpose enough for prepping meats or mincing onions, garlic and shallots.

Safer and more effective than conventional knives, our all-purpose knives are the ultimate kitchen tool for the home cook. Every knife is lightweight, razor-sharp and comfortable to use, designed to be the last you’ll ever buy. Start to change the way you cook with any of the knives in this collection.


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