Las Hermanas Pimentón de la Vera Dulce DOP - Sweet Smoked Paprika $12.95

Widely regarded as one of the finest forms of smoked paprika in the world, Spanish pimentón de la Vera is so special that it has an internationally recognized Protected Designation of Origin status.

The method for preparing this smoked paprika goes back centuries: Every September, peppers of varying heat are hand-picked by the locals in La Vera before being slow-dried at around 95°F over smoldering holm oak logs for two weeks, which draws out their moisture while maintaining their original flavor and contributing smoky notes. The peppers require daily turning by hand and then are pulverized by traditional stone mills.

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Las Hermanas Pimentón de la Vera is best used in dishes where its flavor can shine, either cooked into dishes or as a finishing touch. It is absolutely transformative in dishes such as Chicken and Bean Paella, our take on a Spanish classic that uses both sweet and hot varieties of paprika. The rich, warming flavor of this smoked paprika is also great for adding a smoky barbecue note to all manner of meats. Or dust it over roasted or grilled fish, scallops, shrimp or squid, and finish with a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil, a squirt of lemon and a sprinkling of coarse salt—Pimentón de la Vera Dulce complements the natural sweetness of these delicate meats. We love the deep smokiness and subtle heat of paprika so much that we have a full page dedicated to the spice with more recipes to transform your cooking.

Kitchen Notes

Cooking and heat mellow the flavor of paprika, so for the strongest flavor, use it raw.

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