Hand-Peeled Tomatoes

Produced by the Belfiore family in the province of Matera (one of Italy’s oldest towns), these hand-peeled tomatoes are stunningly packaged and taste terrific—sweet, fruity, bright and bold.  To highlight their fresh, ripe flavor, use them in simple sauces with a little garlic and chili flake, chopped and stirred into soups and stews or diced and folded into tomato basil risotto. Or try sautéing the tomatoes with a little garlic and chopped anchovy before tossing with broccoli or spooning onto crisped slices of chewy bread drenched with extra-virgin olive oil. Or do as the Spanish do and simply smash the tomatoes with a fork into thick toast, douse in olive oil and sprinkle with coarse salt. 

  • Ingredients: Tomatoes and basil
  • 530 grams