Atelier Miyabi Tenugui — Set of 2 $25.95

“Tenugui” originates from the Japanese words for “hand” and “wipe.”

First made during the Heian era of Japan (794 to 1192 A.D.), known as a period of innovation, the first tenugui cloths were made from silk or hemp. They once were considered luxury items used in ceremonies but became popular for everyday use as fabric became easier to make.

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These are perfect as hand towels or for kitchen cleaning, drying produce and even wrapping up lunches.

Kitchen Notes

Hand-wash cold with like colors. Tenugui edges are purposely seamless for quick drying. After a few washes, you may find that the cloth has frayed. Use a pair of scissors to trim the loose threads. The more you use the cloth, the more the edges will stop fraying as the fabric tightens.

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