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Heilala Premium Vanilla Bean Powder

Different than a run-of-the-mill vanilla extract or paste, this vanilla bean powder consists of whole vanilla pods that have been cured, dried and finely ground. New Zealand company Heilala sustainably sources its beans from small village farms in Tonga that are reviving artisanal farming methods. We love that the powder is packed with vanilla flavor without the alcoholic harshness that you often find in vanilla extracts—Heilala's product contains only vanilla beans and nothing else. Plus, the bean pod contributes its own aromatic complexity, with an earthy, botanical and noticeably fruity character. We especially like using it in whipped cream and custard bases, where it won't dissolve but continue to infuse flavor as it sits, with visible subtle flecks characteristic of vanilla bean.
  • Net Weight: 25 grams
  • Ingredients: 100% vanilla beans
  • Place of Origin: New Zealand