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Knapp Made ChainMail Dishcloth Pot Scrubber

If you’re sick of trying to remove food glued to your pans, skillets and Dutch ovens, this is the tool for you. Yes, its chain mail—the same intricate metal mesh used to make armor out of, which makes it tough enough to take on the most stubborn stuck-on bits. The food-grade stainless steel will last a lifetime (though should be hung up to dry). One caveat: this scrubber is intended for Pyrex (it’s the best tool ever for removing burnt lasagna from glass baking dishes), cast-iron, carbon steel and stainless pans; it will damage non-stick pans or other delicate surfaces. Try it on your grill as well—it works wonders on the grubbiest grate.

  • Food Service Quality 316 Grade Stainless Steel
  • 5x7 in