Little Apple Treats Original Apple Cider Vinegar $19.95

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most common vinegars most home cooks reach for, yet what’s sold in most supermarkets is harshly acidic and tasting of anything but apples. Sebastopol’s Little Apple Treats makes apple cider vinegar, however, it's a world apart from the supermarket stuff.

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The cider's bright, clean flavor is ideal for all manner of dressings, vinaigrettes and pan sauces. Its excellent with pork--use it to deglaze the skillet or roasting pan after cooking chops or a roast, then finish with chopped thyme and softened butter. The vinegar's fruitiness pairs well with roasted winter squash--try with sage and bacon--braised red cabbage or in fruit chutneys. A spoonful will cut the sweetness of caramel sauce.

Kitchen Notes

A splash of apple cider vinegar blended with soda water and loads of ice makes for a refreshing summer drink. Or add to ginger beer to cut the sweetness--add bourbon if you like.

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