Tân Tân Vietnamese Hoisin Sauce $14.95

For over 20 years, family-owned restaurant Tân Tân Café & Delicatessen has been cooking up authentic Vietnamese cuisine in Beaverton, Oregon.

The eatery’s name means new beginning—a reference to owners Vinh and Mai’s arrival in the U.S. after fleeing Vietnam in 1976 after the fall of Saigon. They came to Oregon in 1981, with their daughter, Lisa, born in an Indonesian refugee camp, in tow. The restaurant team embarked on another new beginning in 2017, when the family launched a line of Vietnamese sauces based on the ones incorporated into Tân Tân’s dishes.

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Incorporate into a glaze on anything from meat, to fish, to our Roasted Butternut Squash with Hoisin and Chives, or use it as the flavorful base of a dipping sauce: Simply add a dash of vinegar or citrus juice, salt and a spoonful of chili sauce or hot sauce and whisk in soy sauce or miso for a hit of savoriness. Freshen it up with lime and herbs like cilantro and basil and serve alongside steaming soups like traditional pho or our Vietnamese-Style Chicken and Glass Noodle Soup—the savoriness adds depth while its sweetness complements the meaty richness. It’s also ideal for dunking dumplings.

Kitchen Notes

We recommend refrigeration after opening.

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