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BALMUDA The Toaster

BALMUDA's innovative countertop toaster oven uses steam instead of just radiant heat to evenly warm up bread and pastries, ensuring tender, moist interiors with perfectly crispy crusts. Add a small amount of water to the built-in boiler (a measuring cup is included), and the oven will release steam that envelops the bread, simultaneously heating it and preventing inner moisture and flavor from escaping. An internal microchip senses the internal environment of the toaster box and guides the toaster based on one of five settings: sandwich bread, artisan bread, pizza, pastry, and the oven mode with three preset baking temperatures. And not only is Balmuda's toaster technologically impressive, it's also beautifully sleek and compact, meticulously designed for both performance and aesthetics.
  • Net Weight: 10 pounds
  • Dimensions: Height: 8.2 inches, Width: 14.1 Inches
  • Material: Stainless steel, tempered glass door
  • Use: Oven temperature ranges from 350°F–450°F. Do not add water in Oven mode.
  • Care: Hand-wash removable toasting rack, baking pan, measuring cup, boiler cover and crumb catcher. Dry thoroughly. Wipe exterior and interior clean with soft, damp cloth and mild dish soap. Wipe dry thoroughly.

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