Namikura Kyoto-Style White Miso $6.95 - $12.95

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Use this white miso for a traditional miso soup, or whisk in a spoonful to boost the savory depth your favorite soups or stews. Miso is also an excellent component to savory marinades and sauces, from stir fry to earthy pasta sauces. As an addition to tangy dressings or glazes, it provides an earthy, savory foundation for flavorful vinegars or citrus.

Kitchen Notes

Miso won't completely dissolve in a brothy soup, such as traditional miso soup. When adding the miso, try whisking it with a bit of broth in a small bowl first, to loosen its texture and allow it to more easily incorporate. Before serving, make sure to give your broth a swirl to re-incorporate the miso that has settled to the bottom of the pot. When choosing between red and white miso, consider how you want your final dish to taste-- white miso will give a brighter, nuttier flavor.

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