Marukin Koikuchi 50% Reduced Salt Soy Sauce $9.95

Marukin's natural soy brewery has been designated as a Tangible Cultural Property of Japan.

The Shodo Island brewery, one of Japan's largest natural breweries, includes a natural fermentation cellar dating back to the early 1900s. The soy sauce is fermented in century-old wooden barrels through a balanced combination of resident bacteria and ambient yeasts that live naturally throughout the brewery. Black bacteria that are optimum for soy sauce immediately dies off when soy sauce brewing is halted, so black walls at soy sauce manufacturers are regarded as proof of prosperous business.

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You can use this anywhere you might use any soy sauce. Certainly it’s good for dipping for dumplings, sushi or dim sum. However, it’s also great in fried rice dishes, noodles and stir-fries. It can also boost the flavor of non-Asian style dishes. Stir a little into soups, sauces or even turkey gravy to give an umami boost and provide depth and savoriness.

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