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Core Benefits:

Right-Sized Blade:

The midsized 7-inch blade is shorter than the average chef’s knife, making it more agile for vegetable prep, though still long enough for slicing meats.

Thin Blade Requires Less Effort:

At just 1.5mm thick at the spine—about 1/20th of an inch—it’s nearly half as thick as the average chef’s knife, so it requires less force to cut for easier, cleaner cuts.

All-Purpose Edge:

The blade edge features a flat portion at the heel that transitions into a pronounced arc towards the tip, which gives the blade a natural feel whether slicing or rocking the blade back and forth to mince.

Curved Tip For Accurate Cuts:

The rounded sheepsfoot tip is an effective compromise between a squared-off cleaver and the pointy, piercing tip of a chef’s knife. It provides a fine tip for detail work but is safer and more accurate than a pointed tip.

Fits All Hands:

The gently curved handle makes the knife comfortable for hands of all sizes and choking up close. There’s no pinching like there can be on a flat, heavy European-style bolster.

Safer, More Secure Lock-In Grip:

The long, ergonomic polymer handle is broad at the top and tapers toward the bottom for a secure grip. Slide back towards the butt for the leverage, or choke up tight for control.

Grippy Pattern:

The blade is embossed with a file pattern for a confident hold when using a pinch grip, the most secure way to grasp a knife.

Familiar Blade Height:

There’s no learning curve with mastering how to use the knife. At 2-inches tall at the spine, the santoku falls between a cleaver and a Western-style chef’s knife, making adaptation easy.
Core Benefits:


I find myself reaching for the Milk Street Santoku knife over and over. Its curved blade makes short work of finely mincing herbs, and it just fits perfectly in my hand. The handle just seems to rest naturally in the best position for cutting.

- Rebecca Richmond, E-Commerce Culinary Manager


I love that the textured pattern on the blade makes it easy to keep a good grip. Of course, it's crazy sharp too, which makes it an obvious choice for daily chopping and slicing.

- Haley Laube, E-Commerce Culinary Associate

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Milk Street Santoku
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