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Pure Indian Foods Organic Tamarind Paste

Pure Indian Foods’ organic tamarind paste has a pure, clean flavor with a bracing tartness. This thick, smooth syrup is our favorite form for using tamarind as a souring agent. While fresh pods are available in some markets, it’s more commonly sold as a concentrate or as dense blocks of pulp that need labor-intensive soaking and straining; both forms sacrifice nuanced flavor in favor of convenience, whereas this tamarind paste is both easy to use and intensely flavorful. Pure Indian Foods, which traces its roots to 1889 in northern India, still uses traditional methods to make its products. The company’s pantry staples have a complexity and authenticity that just can’t be imitated. 

Organic tamarind paste is great in a variety of sauces and in dishes like our Tamarind Chickpeas with Greens or Shrimp with Tamarind and Cilantro. Beyond the traditional, brighten up your morning oats along with a drizzle of honey, or try it in vinaigrettes and marinades. 

  • Net Weight: 11 ounces
  • Ingredients: Organic tamarind pulp, water
  • Certified: Organic