Raisenne Round Bread Dough Riser $69.95

Proofing dough—or giving your yeast time to expand and multiply—is paramount to producing good taste and crumb texture.

If the temperature isn’t consistent (which is often isn’t in our kitchens) it can prove to be a real problem. This handy little disk can help—it sits under your bowl of dough and heats to the perfect temperature for not-too-fast or too-slow proofing without cranking up your oven or microwave on cold days or finding a shadier spot on hot ones.

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Use for any yeast or sourdough rise breads for both first and second rises. The producer recommends checking on your dough when half of the recommended proofing time for your loaf has passed.

Kitchen Notes

Not dishwasher safe; disconnect from power source and wipe with a damp cloth to clean.

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