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Skeppshult Cast-Iron Spice Mill

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I found this small cast-iron spice mill on a German website a couple of years ago and find that it is perfect for small grinding jobs — spices, not garlic or herbs. The gritty texture of Skeppshult's hand-held product makes it easier to coarsely grind spices and is designed so ingredients stay in a concentrated area for efficient crushing. The softly radiused iron base fits the hand well, and the walnut-wood top provides a better grip and looks beautiful. You can store spices such as peppercorns in the top of this gizmo, but I leave mine in their jars and grind them as needed. You will get a slightly coarser grind than with an electric mill, but I prefer coarser to finer in my cooking. Weighing just over two pounds, it feels great, looks great and is a pleasure to use.

  • Dimensions: Standard: Diameter: 3 inches | Depth: 3.2 inches || Mini: Diameter 2.3 inches | Depth: 2.25 inches
  • Materials: Cast iron seasoned with bean oil, beech walnut lid
  • Use: Dry spices only. Moist spices and salt can corrode grinding surfaces.
  • Care: Clean with brush and keep grinder dry at all times.
  • Place of Origin: Sweden

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