The Baking Steel Original $129.00

The magic of a baking steel starts with science.

We prefer a baking steel over a baking stone because baking stones are made of ceramic. Baking steel in comparison, has a thermal conductivity that is 18 times greater, which means that when heated, it creates an extremely hot environment that is ideal for the perfect crispy pizza crust or evenly baked pie. Plus, steel also has a higher thermal mass, meaning it absorbs and retains heat better due to its density. This helps ensures that your oven gets and stays consistently hot, even when hot air escapes if the oven door opens.

Not sure how you’d use it?

We test everything we sell. Here’s how we’d use this.


Produce restaurant quality breads, pizzas and flatbreads in your home oven by adding dough directly onto the baking steel. Or use while baking cookies, pies and quiches.

Kitchen Notes

Dry throughly if wet and avoid extreme changes in tempe1rature. Handle carefully, as product can damage surfaces if dropped.

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