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Wally and Whiz Blackcurrant with Strawberry Winegums Candies

Wally and Whiz's Nordic Winegums are chewy—not sticky—candies that have a gumdrop-like texture without the granulated coating. Kristian Them Hansen started his company in order to create gummy candies with real fruit flavor, not just syrupy sweetness. We love the two-tone flavor and modern-looking cube shape of Wally and Whiz winegums, echoed by the neat boxes these sweets are packaged in. These pastilles taste like a Danish summer in winter candy form: The subtle flavor and almond aroma of the cherry sugar is a perfect complement to the fragrant elderflower winegums. People who are wary of overly sweet candies will love these for their delicate flavor.
  • Net Weight: 140 grams
  • Ingredients: Glucose-fructose corn syrup, sugar, water, corn starch, malic acid, sodium citrate, natural flavoring, color (anthocyanins), coconut oil, strawberry powder, ammonium chloride, carnauba wax.
  • Place of Origin: Denmark