Xilli Mole Poblano $22.95

With a name meaning “sauce“ in indigenous Nahuatl, mole is notoriously complex.

It’s a simmered sauce of a whole host of ingredients—dried chiles, nuts, fruit, cacao, etc. Most people mistake it for being a savory chocolate sauce, but that’s not a fair representation of the depth and nuance possible. Cacao adds bitterness and fruitiness, much like the various dried chiles used. It’s normally served as a finishing sauce, spooned over a dish. Due to its complexity, it’s not uncommon to see pastes or powders for sale in markets.

Not sure how you’d use it?

We test everything we sell. Here’s how we’d use this.


Whisk into water or broth over low heat to make into desired sauce consistency. Thin it a little more and you have a soup—try mixing in sauteed chicken, summer squash and onion, then garnishing with whatever your heart desires— radish, pepitas and maybe a sprinkle of queso Oaxaca are all excellent options. Serve over roast turkey or chicken or finish stews with a few spoonfuls. Perhaps controversial, but we would even thin with nut milk and drink it like a latte—it’s that good.

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