Ancient Cookware Mexican Carbon Steel Comal $65.95

“Carbon steel gives this comal the edge over others I’ve used.

With proper seasoning, this comal is the perfect tool for making tortillas and charing vegetables for salsa. I like that the size is big enough to stretch over two burners on the stove and gives you enough real estate to make multiple quesadillas or sear lots of vegetables at a time. But what I think I like the best is that I know that the longer I use it, the better it will get—repeated seasoning will just improve the performance.”
—Rebecca Richmond, eCommerce Culinary Manager

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Use to make and heat tortillas, quesadillas, sear vegetables and more. Also works on the grill and in the oven.

Kitchen Notes

While a little soap on well-seasoned carbon steel will not harm the pan, avoid soaking in water. Always dry completely and coat in a thin layer of oil (inside and exterior surfaces) after using to prevent rust. Place the pan over heat just until is begins to smoke. Remove from heat and cool before storing. Only store when completely dry, to avoid rust.

Before first use, the pan should be gently rinsed with warm water to remove any dirt from the warehouse/packaging. Wipe dry, then add a few teaspoons neutral oil (like peanut oil) and place on the stove on high heat for 30 minutes. Oil will smoke, so season in a well-ventilated area or outside on the grill Let cool completely, then wipe out any remaining oil.

Use care when cooking with acidic foods. Prolonged exposure to acidity can cause reactions with the metal that can cause food discoloration and off flavors—just like with a cast-iron pan.

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